Newsome High School Senior | Madie Class of 2015 | Ybor City Senior Session | Gianna Grace Photography

Some days I just want to pinch myself when I think about how incredibly blessed I am to be someone’s chosen Senior photographer. I absolutely adore these sessions and my time with Madie was a constant reminder of just HOW much I love photographing seniors.

Madie and I started in downtown Tampa because she was looking for a fun wall and some grass! I told her I knew just the spot (thanks to another photographer friend who showed me this awesome spot years ago when she took our family pictures!) Especially because our main focus was going to be in Ybor, we needed something close by!

2015-04-12_0001 2015-04-12_0002 2015-04-12_0003 2015-04-12_0004 2015-04-12_0005

As you can see, we spent more time that we had planned and took a few minutes to dance in the sunlight and rejoice in the excitement of her soon to be college days!

We were off to Ybor and Madie and I searched out the perfect alleyway and even found my new favorite stair case in Ybor city! (Thanks Madie!!!!)

2015-04-12_0006 2015-04-12_0007 2015-04-12_0008 2015-04-12_0009 2015-04-12_0010


Madie’s session was fun loving and full of laughs and sweet smiles. She was a natural in front of the camera, we ended our session on my favorite “white wall” and of course, for those of you who know me well..there MUST be an umbrella!


Thank you Madie (and Madie’s momma who joined us!) I enjoyed our time together! You rocked this session ❤

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