Gorgeous Sunset Session | Richmond VA | The Estate at Independence | Family Silhouette Session

Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0001It was a warm warm warm July late afternoon when I met up with one of my favorite family for their annual picture of their little man, B! This year we captured these memories at the lovely Independence Golf in Midlothian Virginia. Every year we try to schedule  pictures around little man’s birthday this year I was excited that we were adding the WHOLE family to the session!!! I LOVE working with Lindsey and her family because she always has so many ideas and allows me to creative work from the ideas she has shared with me! 

I am really excited to introduce you to the Douglas family and share some of our favorite pictures from their session 🙂

Thank you Lindsey for sharing some of your highlights about our session and also sharing a few special things about your family!

Please tell me if this location was special to you and why?

We love Independence,Just a beautiful space with the MOST LOVELY sunsets!

Tell me about the weather! 

Hot! But beautiful skies

What’s your family’s favorite activity?

We love to watch planes land at the county airport near our house. We’ve been going since B was a baby. Sometimes we bring dinner and just sit and watch the sunset and planes take off. It’s our go-to plans for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s and father’s day. It’s kind of our “thing”.

Tell me fun little facts about each member of your family!

Mike is such a fun and gentle dad. B’s favorite time of the day is when his daddy comes home. Mike is such a hard worker and when he isn’t working he makes his time with us count. Band I love going on hikes and exploring outdoors. We are always looking for our next adventure!

Tell me about your favorite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session.

I absolutely love working with and spending time with Kat!
(AWWWW, thanks Lindsey! I love our time together toooooo!)

Did you bring any props? If so, why?

B’s plane- because we spend so much time as a family watching planes, they are very special to us. B’s cape- because every 3 year old is a super hero Balloons- because B finds balloons to be magical and everyday is a celebration!

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session?

Just have fun! Don’t overthink it. Trust that Kat will capture every moment and just have fun with your family!

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? If so, what were your worries?

Nope! Just so excited 🙂

Do you have any special plans for your pictures? Hang on the wall, make an album..ect..

I plan to make at least 2 large canvases. I also want to print a few for frames. And probably prints to give out to family!!

Do you have a favorite or favorites from our session? If so which ones and why are they special?

B with his cape and plane. They perfectly capture who he is at 3 years old. All of the family ones are really special too because we have so few photos of all three of us. This was actually our first professional family photo of all of together!


I hope you have LOVED these portraits! I offer silhouette sessions year round at Independence , please reach out if you are interested in one of the special and creative sessions!


  • Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0002Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0003Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0004Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0005Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0006Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0007Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0008Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0009Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0010Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0011Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0012Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0013Richmond-Family-Mini-Session-Photographer-Sunset-Silhouette_0014

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