Washington DC Cherry Blossom Senior Session | Richmond VA Photographer | Powhatan High School | Destination Session

In the summer of 2018, Ashley walked into my studio for her formal yearbook drape session. We immediately clicked and started to talk about our love of all things America! It was then we discovered a common obsession with Cherry Blossoms and the rest is history!

I couldn’t think of a better day to post Ashley’s blog then on the 4th of July, our Nation’s BDAY! Because tomorrow Ashely will report for duty! She is attending the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point New York and will become a commissioned officer in the armed forces. Ashley, you AMAZE me!

When I asked Ashley to describer herself in three words she said.. Short, Sporty, Firecracker, I couldn’t agree more.. except for the short part.. because I think you are taller than me! 😂

I always love to ask my seniors who have inspired them! Ashley said “Jackie Perr my cousin who graduated the Air Force academy is a major and has two beautiful kids. “

Ashely’s favorite memory from high school was the time she spent on the Lacrosse team.. I know she may kill me for this, but I’m gonna link a wonderful article I recently read in the Richmond Times Dispatch about Ashley..she’s really all kinds of amazing.. READ HERE!

Ashely loves Powhatan and when I asked her what she’ll miss the most about high school, it was the small town feel ❤️.

One of my favorite parts of our destination session in Washington DC was when we visited the Capitol Building and Ashely wore her GIRLS CAN shirt, so it didn’t surprise me when I asked her what she wanted to be remembered for 20 years from now she said ” Being a pioneer for women!”. Yess girl, YESSSSS!

Every session has it’s silly and fun moments, one of my favorite moments was when a tour guide stoped in the middle of a tour to ask Ashely if she was getting married. You should have seen her momma’s face! Ashely’s favorite moments was when I pretended to throw up food to the seagulls to have them dive into picture (worked almost every time with no food- not so sure seagulls are the smartest bird in the air!) and having her bestie Anna join us for the day!

I seriously meet the SWEETEST seniors ever and it warmed my heart when I asked Ashely what she loved most about our time together and she said “Your aura of absolute positivity and kindness <3” . You’re making me cry Ashley…seriously, my heart is SO full!

And I always love to end my sessions with a BIG momma hug, thanks momma Angie for coming along and being the BESTEST momma ever!

I would love to give a shout out to my favorite office mate, uber driver and hospitality extraordinaire BETH, thanks for helping us make this session a success!

3 thoughts on “Washington DC Cherry Blossom Senior Session | Richmond VA Photographer | Powhatan High School | Destination Session

  1. This was an awesome shoot, and I loved reading about Ashley. One day I am sure I will see her grace my TV and remember her. I am in love with the black and white series and how you showed this beautiful young woman about to embark on life!


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