Richmond Family Photographer |Terrific T Fam | Curtis Hixson Park | Florida Mini Sessions | Midlothian VA

I have a little confession, this sweet family had to go on quite the adventure with me to complete this lovely session. This was the first time I had to change locations mid-session. As much I love certain spots in Tampa, sometimes you just don’t know what you crowd you may be hanging with! Thankfully the lovely T family were up for the adventure and I am so glad they were  because I feel like this little glass ally was MADE for them! It has been such an honor being a part of your family’s journey, watching your girls grow into the beautiful young ladies they are today. I even love the fact that we sat in the office for days trying to come up with the perfect name for little M! You guys are so special to me, thank you for being  a part of the GGP family! xoxoxo giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0206giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0207giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0208giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0209giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0210giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0211

Richmond Family Photographer |Totally Stellar T Fam | Downtown Tampa | Florida Fall Mini Sessions | Midlothian VA

I love the saying “I. Just. Can’t. Even” Even though I am still trying to figure out exactly what it means, but when I finished up the T family’s gallery, I couldn’t stop smiling and a lot of colorful loving adjectives just didn’t seem like amazing enough…so, I’m thinking that’s maybe the best way to explain I. Just. Can’t. Even! I have such a long list of things I love about this family that I could go on and on and on. I love their hearts,  sense of style, how passionate and compassionate they aregiannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0189giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0190giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0191giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0192giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0193giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0194giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0195, I appreciate their perspective on life and how they pour into the people and things that matter in their lives! Thank you T family for being a part of the GGP family and a part of my heart!

Morgan B | Riverview High School Senior |Richmond | Midlothian, VA| Richmond Senior Photographer | Downtown Tampa

When I read Morgan’s questionnaire I had a moment when I thought this gal needs to be running MY business! This year Morgan will be entering the University of Tampa as a junior, that’s right a JUNIOR! And I will quote her “Holy Moly dual and AP courses!” . Morgan is really the complete package and I adore her from head to toe. Kind, smart, fashionable, driven and well-read, momma and papa B must be gushing over their amazingly talented daughter!

She described herself as cheery, passionate and whole hearted. I couldn’t have picked three better adjectives to describe her. Her freshman year she found her love in Fashion Deca, and this year, as President she rounded up 4 years in Deca, traveling the US and gaining an understand of fashion and business; two things that set Morgan’s heart on fire! Speaking of fashion.. You MUST check out her street business look with her bag Kate, totally my faves in our session! I wanted to buy BFF charms after our shoot and invite her over for movies and pizza! She’s the coolest, for reals.

Morgan has a pay-it-forward and treat others the way you want to be treated vision. She believes you make an impact one person at a time and it just dominoes from there. I couldn’t agree with her more!

Morgan dreams of traveling and blogging and sharing her goals and journey! I hope she does, at the age of 18 she inspires me to dream bigger and do more!

We had a super fabulous session. My cheeks hurt so badly when we finished up from all the smiling and laughing we did at our shoot. Also, thanks to my sweet Morgan I have one new tip on my “Preparing for your Session Card” Ready? Don’t give blood the day of your shoot 😉 LOVE HER! Thank you Morgan for blessing me with this opportunity! You are super fab in every way ❤ giannagracephotography_0051giannagracephotography_0052giannagracephotography_0053giannagracephotography_0054giannagracephotography_0055giannagracephotography_0056giannagracephotography_0057giannagracephotography_0058giannagracephotography_0059

Like, seriously? THIS. SHOT. IS. EVERYTHING! RIGHT!?!?!giannagracephotography_0060giannagracephotography_0061giannagracephotography_0062

And I always love to end with a family picture! BTW.. this mom and dad.. They’re kind of a big deal. 🙂 giannagracephotography_0063

Riverview High School Senior | Savannah Class of 2015 | Downtown Tampa & Library Session | Gianna Grace Photography

My first five minutes on the phone with Savannah was like having a conversation with myself.. “Oh, you’re a Gator?” “You love books?” “You love photography?” How exciting! Seriously, Savannah was nothing short of fabulous to work with! It’s very possible because we seemed to be in sync from the first click of my camera! She was smart, whitty, beautiful and adventurous!

This was also a super fab shoot because mom and dad joined us and they were just as much fun as Savannah! We all made a great team.

We first started at The Oxford Exchange. Since we could only take iPhone pics, it was my first iPhone session (I will be posting pics here soon!) I’d never really been before..what a funky cool place! Savannah shared it was one of her favorite places to visit in town. So it was exciting to check out the unique setting and fun back drop posing up on a beautiful staircase and cool chairs. When we finished up, we headed to University of Tampa where we followed the wind and shot away. I LOVE that Savannah brought some of her favorite reads… Check out Savannah’s favorite books ❤

2015-05-04_0003 2015-05-04_0002

So many of my personal faves too! I still tear up talking about the Fault in Our Stars!! Gaahh! Augustus Waters! And all those classics… LOVE HER!


Then check out this beautiful backdrop.. Really, the city of Tampa is just gorgeous with Savannah’s beautiful smile in the forefront! Doesn’t her spirit shine through that beautiful smile!?!

2015-05-04_0004 2015-05-04_0005 2015-05-04_0006

This shoot felt like a quote from Augustus Waters “I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up!” 😉

With her love of books represented, we had to bring in her love of photography and I was excited to show her my new film camera gifted to me this past Christmas from a lovely and super thoughtful family member!

2015-05-04_0010 2015-05-04_0011

When a shoot is this fabulous it’s hard to believe it could be even better, but when the roosters and chickens decided to hang with us I was just over the moon! Seriously..the roosters. the chickens. hanging. with. us. ( Mom and Dad totally helped us with this one)


And we used up the last of our daylight on the top of the city..over looking the beautiful buildings of Downtown Tampa.


Lastly, because we just could not get enough and since we just so happened to be parked at the library, we decided to take a few shots in the best setting ever..a library, surrounded by books!

2015-05-04_0013 2015-05-04_00152015-05-04_0014

And I’ll close with a quote by Jane Austen “but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.”
That’s totally how I felt about our session, well written and too short! Thank you Savannah, Sharla and Lindell for choosing me to be your Senior photographer, it really was a great experience!