Meet Andrea | She is Beauty Revived | James River High School | Richmond Senior Photographer

I don’t know about you, but I love those moments when God’s hand in your life is so tangible you feel like he’s almost reaching down and giving you a high five. That’s how meeting Andrea coming into my life felt, it felt like a high five from Jesus! Being new to the Richmond area I was really starting to worry when I wasn’t receiving any nominations for the Beauty Revived High School Seniors campaign I was organizing in our area. I shared it with people at church and on Facebook and on local mom’s page groups and I just couldn’t seem to get any nominations which was crazy because everyone I told about the campaign loved the concept, they told me they knew several senior girls who fit that description. I decided I was going to not worry and hand it over to God. Sure enough, that day I received an email from my 8th grade daughter’s English teacher asking for donations for a Capstone project one of her prior students was organizing, as I read on more I knew I had found my girl.. the rest is history. Meet Andrea, she is Beauty Revived.  (Special thank you for Mrs. Roberts for being the angel who brought Andrea into my life and is now a part of the Beauty Revived family!)

Meet Andrea | She is Beauty Revived
Meet Andrea | She is Beauty Revived



Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader.. they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role- always about the goal!

Andrea will tell you she never really saw herself as a leader or set out to be one, but over time that’s exactly what she has become.

Andrea’s 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Sayani Roberts, shared “Andrea always stood out to me as possessing a sense of self beyond her years.  She was poised, mature, and self-assured even in middle school, when most girls identify themselves based on their reflections in others’ eyes.  Andrea was always popular but didn’t display the need to browbeat others or exclude them because she was popular and they weren’t, also singularly impressive in a middle school girl.” This is exactly why Ms. Roberts encouraged Andrea to apply for a special four year high school leadership program.  She saw her potential and knew Andrea had that spark to inspire others and live out her passions in a compassionate way.

Mrs. Roberts also shared “Andrea was from a modest family made up of hard workers, so she always seemed to understand the necessity and the dignity of hard work.  Over these past four years, I have looked forward to her visits “home” to Robious Middle School because I always suspected that she would have accomplished more each time I saw her.  I am her elder, but I look up to her! I knew she’d “kill it” in the Leadership program, and I haven’t been disappointed! “

In fact, she has rocked the leadership program and it has also rocked her world as well!

It was a chance meeting that first started to shape and mold Andrea’s heart for serving others, and especially the sick.

Andrea was told she needed to attend any meeting from a series of speakers. She happened to catch the representative one day at lunch speaking on behalf of World Pediatric Project (WPP). WPP is a non-profit organization located in Richmond, VA and St. Louis, MO. The mission of World Pediatric Project is to heal critically ill children in Central America and the Caribbean. Andrea was immediately inspired and wanted to know more about the organization. Over the years she thought more and more about WPP and last year a friend, who is also in the leadership program, worked closely with WPP, she came into class every day and talked about she helped families get medicine and go to doctor’s appointments and this inspired Andrea.  Andrea has dreamed of becoming a pediatric nurse and traveling to other countries as a traveling nurse. One of the requirements of being in the leadership program is developing, organizing and completing a senior year project called a Capstone project. The senior year Capstone project is a student led project that has to give back to community in some way. And it’s not just about raising money, it’s about raising awareness to a cause and making a difference.  Andrea knew she wanted somehow incorporate medicine and supporting the needs of others who cannot help themselves into her project and after traveling to Haiti this past summer for a mission trip Andrea knew she was starting to be lead in a certain direction. Her trip to Haiti helped her realized how fortunate she was to live in America, she also realized there was a real need to help others in countries who are not afforded the same luxuries we are born into as Americans. She was inspired by the children and families she met, seeing how they suffered and how great the need was for medical care in a country that cannot support those needs. Andrea knew she was being called to  travel and assist those medically in need. She also remembered how that was also the same goal of the World Pediatric Project. Andrea has worked with great tenacity her senior year to educate the Richmond area of her senior project as she partners with the World Pediatric Project to bring life saving medical care to children with nowhere else to turn. She has currently raised $2,000 of her $10,000 goal to pay for a child’s medical expenses.

After meeting and spending a lot of time with Andrea over the past few months I must say I have been blown away by her inner beauty and compassion and I agree with Ms. Roberts when she said “Andrea was exceptionally beautifully in middle school, as she is now, but she never flaunted that beauty.  It was much more subtle and soft-spoken, which made her even more beautiful to me. “And I agree, Andrea is one of the most beautiful girls I know. Her beautiful heart, kind soul, and giving nature reminds me of all the beauty in the world. Andrea is Beauty Revived.

To learn more about how you can support Andrea, please visit her site HERE!

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Beauty Revived is a movement to tell the stories of real women with real beauty. Photographers donate one session to a deserving woman who shows attributes of kindness, courage and strength. These sessions are featured on the site This group is for the photographers who have joined the movement to ask questions and to share their victories of their Beauty Revived sessions.
One session. Real women. Great power.

Morgan B | Riverview High School Senior |Richmond | Midlothian, VA| Richmond Senior Photographer | Downtown Tampa

When I read Morgan’s questionnaire I had a moment when I thought this gal needs to be running MY business! This year Morgan will be entering the University of Tampa as a junior, that’s right a JUNIOR! And I will quote her “Holy Moly dual and AP courses!” . Morgan is really the complete package and I adore her from head to toe. Kind, smart, fashionable, driven and well-read, momma and papa B must be gushing over their amazingly talented daughter!

She described herself as cheery, passionate and whole hearted. I couldn’t have picked three better adjectives to describe her. Her freshman year she found her love in Fashion Deca, and this year, as President she rounded up 4 years in Deca, traveling the US and gaining an understand of fashion and business; two things that set Morgan’s heart on fire! Speaking of fashion.. You MUST check out her street business look with her bag Kate, totally my faves in our session! I wanted to buy BFF charms after our shoot and invite her over for movies and pizza! She’s the coolest, for reals.

Morgan has a pay-it-forward and treat others the way you want to be treated vision. She believes you make an impact one person at a time and it just dominoes from there. I couldn’t agree with her more!

Morgan dreams of traveling and blogging and sharing her goals and journey! I hope she does, at the age of 18 she inspires me to dream bigger and do more!

We had a super fabulous session. My cheeks hurt so badly when we finished up from all the smiling and laughing we did at our shoot. Also, thanks to my sweet Morgan I have one new tip on my “Preparing for your Session Card” Ready? Don’t give blood the day of your shoot 😉 LOVE HER! Thank you Morgan for blessing me with this opportunity! You are super fab in every way ❤ giannagracephotography_0051giannagracephotography_0052giannagracephotography_0053giannagracephotography_0054giannagracephotography_0055giannagracephotography_0056giannagracephotography_0057giannagracephotography_0058giannagracephotography_0059

Like, seriously? THIS. SHOT. IS. EVERYTHING! RIGHT!?!?!giannagracephotography_0060giannagracephotography_0061giannagracephotography_0062

And I always love to end with a family picture! BTW.. this mom and dad.. They’re kind of a big deal. 🙂 giannagracephotography_0063

Beauty Revived | 50 Beautiful Seniors | Meet Makayla | Brandon High School | Brandon FL | Senior Photographer

Meet Makayla.  She is Beauty Revived.

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”

On a Tuesday morning, I opened my inbox and little did I know my heart was about to grow a little larger, because I was about to get to know a little piece of sunshine named Makayla.

High school senior, daughter, devoted friend.

To say that Makayla has a sea of devoted friends and family would be an understatement. This young lady has earned her devoted army of love.

Selfless, Compassionate, Intelligent, Giving, Joyful, A Sliver of Sunshine, Kind. Just a few of the words used to describe Makayla as nominations poured in to share how this young lady has been an inspiration to those in her life.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

A true friend. Makayla’s friends couldn’t gush enough about their love for her. They praised her kind heart. When some needs a friend, Makayla is first in line ready to support those in need. Another friend referred to her as “Makayla the encourager”. As captain of the volleyball team, fellow team mates said there was no better captain. She always believed in her team even when they didn’t believe in themselves. This past season she lead her team to regionals and rocked her senior season! She is noted as a “glass half full” kind of gal.. ALL THE TIME! Even when Makayla is having a bad day she will go out of her way to make someone else happy. Her smile comes as naturally as her ability to give to those around her. She looks for ways to open her heart, she loves to serve those around her. Her inside beauty is touching and shines a ray of light on everyone around her. Her friends have said when it comes to Makayla she knows no strangers and I have to agree, after 5 minutes with her I felt like I had known her forever and I knew she would always have a special place in my heart!

Loving Daughter. Makayla is a momma’s girl. The only daughter to Stacy. A loved and important and giving member in our hometown community. Wherever Stacy was helping, Makayla wasn’t far behind, helping her mom whenever she needed. In May of 2015, Stacy was called home and Makayla would soon rely on God for her strength to persevere and live a life her mom would want her to live. Makayla was her world and when Stacy passed away the Brandon community built an army of love around Makayla ensuring she would always feel loved. In turn, all the love Stacy had invested in those around her the community wanted to give back Makayla. And her friends and family have shared that they are proud of the young woman Makayla is becoming, compassionate and always looking for ways to take care of others, she genuinely builds community around her with selfless acts of kindness and her contagious never ending smiles. On our session I noticed Makayla was wearing a charm that looked like a thumb print. She told me it was her mother’s thumbprint and it really touched my heart and all I could think was, how symbolic the necklace really was. Her mother’s love print is not only a necklace around Makayla’s neck by a love print that lives on every day through the kindness and compassion Makayla lives out everyday in her life. Makayla lives with her grandma Wanda, who said Makayla is a reflection of her mother, always looking for the good in others.

Makayla told me one of her favorite songs is “The Girl You Think I Am” by Carrie Underwood. I’ve been listening to it on repeat as I sit here and pray I honor Makayla and Stacy as I share her with all of you. One verse has really resonated with me.

Cause you think I’m strong, and you think I’m fearless
Even when I’m, I’m at my weakest
You believe in me; yeah, you’re my biggest fan
So I wanna be the girl you think I am
I wanna be the girl you think I am

If there is one thing I am sure of it’s this.. Makayla, You are strong, you are fearless, you are loved and without a doubt..we are ALL your biggest fans!giannagracephotography_0032giannagracephotography_0031giannagracephotography_0030giannagracephotography_0029giannagracephotography_0028giannagracephotography_0027giannagracephotography_0026

Newsome High School Senior | Lili Class of 2015 | Bloomingdale, Florida, Gianna Grace Photography

I remember the day Lili contacted me for her senior session ❤ We both had a blast putting our minds together and gathering our creative juices as we tried to put together Lili’s ideal shoot! After spending several phone conversations (and a few texts 😉 ) trying to narrow down location for Lili’s shoot, we finally ended up shooting on her family’s property! I am so glad we did, it was GORGEOUS! I was so excited to meet up with Lili because of her adventurous spirit! If I mentioned shooting in the water, she was all about it. If I said let’s climb right up here, she was there! We did a lot of pre-planning and she even inspired me to make my first flower-crown! Thanks Lili 🙂 As you’ll see, her family’s house did not have a shortage of gorgeous set ups and Lili’s beautiful smile and readiness to try new things made this session a success! Thank you Lili for choosing me to be your senior photographer! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! I know with your big heart and outgoing spirit you will go far!

2015-06-07_0001 2015-06-07_0002 2015-06-07_0003 2015-06-07_0004 2015-06-07_0005 2015-06-07_0006 2015-06-07_0007 2015-06-07_0008

Riverview High School Senior | Savannah Class of 2015 | Downtown Tampa & Library Session | Gianna Grace Photography

My first five minutes on the phone with Savannah was like having a conversation with myself.. “Oh, you’re a Gator?” “You love books?” “You love photography?” How exciting! Seriously, Savannah was nothing short of fabulous to work with! It’s very possible because we seemed to be in sync from the first click of my camera! She was smart, whitty, beautiful and adventurous!

This was also a super fab shoot because mom and dad joined us and they were just as much fun as Savannah! We all made a great team.

We first started at The Oxford Exchange. Since we could only take iPhone pics, it was my first iPhone session (I will be posting pics here soon!) I’d never really been before..what a funky cool place! Savannah shared it was one of her favorite places to visit in town. So it was exciting to check out the unique setting and fun back drop posing up on a beautiful staircase and cool chairs. When we finished up, we headed to University of Tampa where we followed the wind and shot away. I LOVE that Savannah brought some of her favorite reads… Check out Savannah’s favorite books ❤

2015-05-04_0003 2015-05-04_0002

So many of my personal faves too! I still tear up talking about the Fault in Our Stars!! Gaahh! Augustus Waters! And all those classics… LOVE HER!


Then check out this beautiful backdrop.. Really, the city of Tampa is just gorgeous with Savannah’s beautiful smile in the forefront! Doesn’t her spirit shine through that beautiful smile!?!

2015-05-04_0004 2015-05-04_0005 2015-05-04_0006

This shoot felt like a quote from Augustus Waters “I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up!” 😉

With her love of books represented, we had to bring in her love of photography and I was excited to show her my new film camera gifted to me this past Christmas from a lovely and super thoughtful family member!

2015-05-04_0010 2015-05-04_0011

When a shoot is this fabulous it’s hard to believe it could be even better, but when the roosters and chickens decided to hang with us I was just over the moon! Seriously..the roosters. the chickens. hanging. with. us. ( Mom and Dad totally helped us with this one)


And we used up the last of our daylight on the top of the city..over looking the beautiful buildings of Downtown Tampa.


Lastly, because we just could not get enough and since we just so happened to be parked at the library, we decided to take a few shots in the best setting ever..a library, surrounded by books!

2015-05-04_0013 2015-05-04_00152015-05-04_0014

And I’ll close with a quote by Jane Austen “but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.”
That’s totally how I felt about our session, well written and too short! Thank you Savannah, Sharla and Lindell for choosing me to be your Senior photographer, it really was a great experience!

Academy of Holy Names Senior | Carly Class of 2015 | Gianna Grace Photography | Ybor City Session

I wanted to squeeze Carly the moment I met her. Really, she was adorable and lovable and just screamed sweet!  I was so excited to hear that Carly would be a future Gator! I always look forward to sharing my favorite Gainesville days with soon to be Gators!

Carly was easy to start working with, she’s graceful and her eyes would twinkle the moment the camera turned her way! She was a natural and every time we finished a pose I would giggle and share with her just how fabulous she was.

Days before our shoot I was driving through Ybor and found this wall. I kept driving by it again and again and something told me this would be a GREAT wall and when Carly showed up in the perfect colors, I just smiled and said “Come check this’ll never believe how perfect your shirt choice is!”.

2015-04-20_0004 2015-04-20_0001 2015-04-20_0003

Isn’t her shirt perfect?!?! Isn’t she simply lovely??


We took a stroll and I told Carly about this adorable white house and white fence that was super cute and she agreed..once again a total match for Carly!

2015-04-20_0007 2015-04-20_0006

Then Carly was ready to rock out and get her dress on! We moved on and it was alley time!

Seriously, when the wind picked up Carly was ready to dance around..she had the cutest poses.. just can’t get enough of this series!

2015-04-20_0008 2015-04-20_0014O

One alley more to go!


Thank you Carly for blessing me with this opportunity! I loved every moment of our time..chasing the sun..quickly running before the sun went down. You are simply delightful! Go Gators!!


Newsome High School | Savannah Class of 2015 | Gianna Grace Photography | Ybor City Session

Just thinking back about my time with Savannah makes me smile from ear to ear. We had this great chemistry from the moment we spoke on the phone and the day of the shoot we were like peas and carrots! I would say “What do you think about …” and she’d just smile and I knew this was a match made in Senior Picture heaven!

We started off in downtown Tampa, we were running a few minutes behind 😉 so we had to make our time count!

2015-04-18_0001 2015-04-18_0002 2015-04-18_0003 2015-04-18_0004

So after we spent “Just a few minutes” in downtown, we booked it to Ybor and started chasing the sun! Between my inner hippie and Savannah’s inner hippie we were free spiriting through Ybor! Found this new lovely alley ( I swear these alleys hide until the perfect client comes along!) And seriously.. she’s just such a natural. With a touch of wind that afternoon, we were model ready.

2015-04-18_0005 2015-04-18_0006 2015-04-18_0007 2015-04-18_0008 2015-04-18_0009 2015-04-18_0010 2015-04-18_0011

Love the umbrella? Me too..can’t help myself! Thanks Molly ( I promise I will return this to you one day! xo)

So, from one alley to another… this has to be one of my most favorite hours ever shooting..we adopted a dog (for a few minutes), made friends with a few kids in the alley who insisted on photo bombing..sorry can’t share those pics (no signed releases..bummer) and then we made friends with a car and eventually it’s owner. Seriously? In my wildest photo shoot dreams!

2015-04-18_0012 2015-04-18_0013 2015-04-18_0014

When I was editing this last picture above, my four year old son walked up and said “Mommy, you look so pretty in that picture!” This will forever be one of the greatest compliments of my life. Thank you son for believing your mom could look like a high school grad as beautiful as an angel!

Puppy adopting time…

2015-04-18_0015 2015-04-18_0016 2015-04-18_0017

Stay with us… I keeps on going (and to think we got a late start.. ha!)

2015-04-18_0018 2015-04-18_0019

And we were DONE… UNTIL.. we saw this perfectly perfect car that was screaming at us “ONE MORE SHOT!” So we packed our bags and here you go..the last few shots of the night! Thank you Savannah for a super fab shoot! Girlie, as you would say.. “I’m totally Obsessed!”

2015-04-18_0020 2015-04-18_0021