Richmond Family Photographer |Terrific T Fam | Curtis Hixson Park | Florida Mini Sessions | Midlothian VA

I have a little confession, this sweet family had to go on quite the adventure with me to complete this lovely session. This was the first time I had to change locations mid-session. As much I love certain spots in Tampa, sometimes you just don’t know what you crowd you may be hanging with! Thankfully the lovely T family were up for the adventure and I am so glad they were  because I feel like this little glass ally was MADE for them! It has been such an honor being a part of your family’s journey, watching your girls grow into the beautiful young ladies they are today. I even love the fact that we sat in the office for days trying to come up with the perfect name for little M! You guys are so special to me, thank you for being  a part of the GGP family! xoxoxo giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0206giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0207giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0208giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0209giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0210giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0211

Richmond Family Photographer |Totally Stellar T Fam | Downtown Tampa | Florida Fall Mini Sessions | Midlothian VA

I love the saying “I. Just. Can’t. Even” Even though I am still trying to figure out exactly what it means, but when I finished up the T family’s gallery, I couldn’t stop smiling and a lot of colorful loving adjectives just didn’t seem like amazing enough…so, I’m thinking that’s maybe the best way to explain I. Just. Can’t. Even! I have such a long list of things I love about this family that I could go on and on and on. I love their hearts,  sense of style, how passionate and compassionate they aregiannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0189giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0190giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0191giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0192giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0193giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0194giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0195, I appreciate their perspective on life and how they pour into the people and things that matter in their lives! Thank you T family for being a part of the GGP family and a part of my heart!

Richmond Family Photographer |The Super Squeezable S Family |Curtis Hixson Park | Tampa Fall Mini Sessions | Midlothian VA

Every time I see my sweet S family, I just want to SQUEEZE them! My little friends G & M are as huggable as they come! It’s so easy to capture this family’s love because they have nothing but LOVE to show! Mike and Jess, I cannot thank you enough for the time we spent together, my heart is always full and warm when we get together! AND thank you for some new capture ideas, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hug and kiss picture! I may be one of my new faves! Just adore you guys!giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0185giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0184giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0186giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0187


Richmond Family Photographer | Florida Fall Mini Sessions | The Super Stellar S Family | Downtown Plant City |Midlothian VA

There is this running joke among our close friends that the S family and sweet little L are the face of GGP. They are not only loyal clients, they are dear friends who find value in family pictures. Therefore we find ourselves meeting up and creating memorable sessions a few times a year! As a matter of fact, this last session we were like well oiled machines. Even K called me later in the day and said “That was the most fun session, it’s like we all knew what we were doing, it ran so smoothly” I believe it is not only the friendship and connection, it is the gift of having a family photographer who captures your love year after year. There is a value in having your picture taken, and there is a value in booking a photographer your family connects with. That connection should be tangible in the magic you make together in your session.  Thank you Super Stellar S family for not only finding value in your family pictures, but valuing the pictures we create together! You guys fill my heart with so much joy, or should I say in my best Minnie Mouse voice.. You make my heart SO happy! 😉 giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0176giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0177giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0178giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0179giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0180giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0181giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0182giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0183

Florida Fall Mini Sessions | ADORABLE J Family | Richmond Family Photographer | Curtis Hixson Park| Midlothian VA

I love when my little friends become my sidekick! Little guy was such a BIG help, he helped me with posing ideas 😉 He helped me with what to say to mom and dad to get good smiles and lots of hugs! He even showed me his karate moves during our time together. I love creating memories with my clients that stay close to my heart and this session will definitely have a special place in my heart, their love was inspiring. Beautiful hearts, Beautiful family! Thank you Sherri for blessing me with the opportunitygiannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0169giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0170giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0171giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0172giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0173giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0174 and I am so happy you guys are a part of the GGP family!

Florida Fall Minis | Richmond Family Photographer | The Beautiful B Family |Curtis Hixson Park | Midlothian Fl

Energetic. Brilliant. Fun-loving. ❤

The B family is the complete package, they are smart, funny, fun, loving and all around down to earth. Anytime we get together to take pictures I always feel in my element, at home and a little bit like part of the family! This family always warms my heart. Their son greeted me with the biggest hug ever and even a few high fives! It was a great way to start our session and even ended with lots of hugs. Thank you so much B family for being a part of the GGP family, you know you guys rock! So much love for you! giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0162giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0163giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0164giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0165giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0166giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0168

Richmond Family Photographer |The Delightful D Family | Ybor City FL | Midlothian VA | Family Fall Mini

Delightful is one of many words I use to describe this family! Super fabulous, fun, and full of love.. and really, I could go on and on! It really warms my heart to have families who invite me in their life year after year. This is another family that I have grown with over the years, they have a special place in my heart and their fun loving personalities have inspired me to always keep a smile on my face. This year was even more special because we added a second generation to their session! My grandmother was my absolute favorite person in my life and I think it is such a gift when grandparents join family pictures. Thank Janna and Corey for gifting me this time with you! I adore you all from head to toe! giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0161giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0160giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0159giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0158giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0157giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0156giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0155giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0154