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When I was trying to think of R adjectives for the wonderful R family, all I kept thinking was really really really because I just really really really adore them. I think they’re really fabulous, really awesome and most importantly, really good examples of Christian love! I was super excited to capture this family again this year because I love their interactions. I enjoy their big hugs, smiles, and embraces. I also love when you have a little special thing you do for one of your little clients. Sweet little A believes little butterflies live inside my camera and I always enjoy making something special just for her, I loved that this year she requested butterflies AND flowers. Thank you sweet A for giving me an excuse to get a little creative! Every once in a while you come across a family that you feel God’s love when you are around them, the R family is that family! Thank you Lauren and Anthony for blessing me with the privilege of capturing your family this year, I really really really enjoyed every moment! ❤  giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0196giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0199giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0200giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0201giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0202giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0203giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0204giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0205giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0197giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0198

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There are a few families who have been with me since day one. The A family is one of them. Every time we meet up there is always a new adventure! Even though the boys are getting older, they are always changing, their personalities evolving. From session to session I never know who is going to be my silly one and who is going to be my serious one. They always keep me on my toes! No matter what I know I am going to have fun and enjoy every moment because not only is the super fab A family adventurous, they are full of love and hugs! Thank you Jess & Steve for blessing me with the opportunity to be a part of your families journey! Biggest hugs!


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I can’t speak for all photographers, but I know for me I love the moment when I arrive at a session and I immediately have to engage, capture my little ones’ attention and get them on my side! I have known this family for years and their two cuties are super stars! When location scouting there are a few things to keep in mine.. how appealing will this location be to kids.. VERY appealing? Then know this, you are not their priority! Embrace it..they love the environment and want to be a part of it. Capture them in it! This is why this session was so dear to my heart. Both J and A \wanted to play in the water and watch the airplanes go by. Oh, forgot to mention, not only is this a fun beach, it’s next to an airport and RIGHT by the landing not just airplanes, but BIG airplanes landing!

This session was fast paced and full of laughter and movement! I love mom and dad for just being them and embracing the movement and getting into the action with their kiddos! Love all the love we captured and the magic we made! Fun family pictures, the only way to go. ❤



Morgan B | Riverview High School Senior |Richmond | Midlothian, VA| Richmond Senior Photographer | Downtown Tampa

When I read Morgan’s questionnaire I had a moment when I thought this gal needs to be running MY business! This year Morgan will be entering the University of Tampa as a junior, that’s right a JUNIOR! And I will quote her “Holy Moly dual and AP courses!” . Morgan is really the complete package and I adore her from head to toe. Kind, smart, fashionable, driven and well-read, momma and papa B must be gushing over their amazingly talented daughter!

She described herself as cheery, passionate and whole hearted. I couldn’t have picked three better adjectives to describe her. Her freshman year she found her love in Fashion Deca, and this year, as President she rounded up 4 years in Deca, traveling the US and gaining an understand of fashion and business; two things that set Morgan’s heart on fire! Speaking of fashion.. You MUST check out her street business look with her bag Kate, totally my faves in our session! I wanted to buy BFF charms after our shoot and invite her over for movies and pizza! She’s the coolest, for reals.

Morgan has a pay-it-forward and treat others the way you want to be treated vision. She believes you make an impact one person at a time and it just dominoes from there. I couldn’t agree with her more!

Morgan dreams of traveling and blogging and sharing her goals and journey! I hope she does, at the age of 18 she inspires me to dream bigger and do more!

We had a super fabulous session. My cheeks hurt so badly when we finished up from all the smiling and laughing we did at our shoot. Also, thanks to my sweet Morgan I have one new tip on my “Preparing for your Session Card” Ready? Don’t give blood the day of your shoot 😉 LOVE HER! Thank you Morgan for blessing me with this opportunity! You are super fab in every way ❤ giannagracephotography_0051giannagracephotography_0052giannagracephotography_0053giannagracephotography_0054giannagracephotography_0055giannagracephotography_0056giannagracephotography_0057giannagracephotography_0058giannagracephotography_0059

Like, seriously? THIS. SHOT. IS. EVERYTHING! RIGHT!?!?!giannagracephotography_0060giannagracephotography_0061giannagracephotography_0062

And I always love to end with a family picture! BTW.. this mom and dad.. They’re kind of a big deal. 🙂 giannagracephotography_0063

Beauty Revived |50 Beautiful Mothers | Meet Melanie | Leon Brockmeier Legacy | Operation Lotus | Litha, Florida

Meet Melanie. She is Beauty Revived.

This story is made up of lots of words (800 to be exact) and I’ll even share some important numbers and even dates. Please know the words matter, they really really do. They are how I tell Melanie and Leon’s story. The significance of numbers and dates matter, they are how we organize the how, the when’s and they whys, but the greatest message I have to share is a symbol. It’s a dash.

An important date:

January 7th, 2006. The day Melanie and Leon became husband and wife. “The most fun day of my life” Melanie would share. This day Melanie would say “ I do” to her 6’7 brown eyed, black haired former football player prince! A man she described to me as a glass is half-full kind of guy. Her 6 foot prince whom she called “All puppies and rainbows”. He was kind beyond belief, loyal, genuine and honest. She looked forward to growing their family and building a life together.

A year after marrying, they welcomed their first son, Brodie. Melanie was a little nervous to tell Leon about their first bundle of joy since he wasn’t necessarily planned. However God had it all planned out AND Leon was ecstatic. He read the sports section to Melanie’s growing belly every night, counting down the days to meet his little guy. The day that Brodie came into this world, Melanie fell in love with Leon all over again. She shared “Leon, now a dad, was the happiest and the most proud dad you’d ever meet.” Two years later they welcomed their second son Carson. Life was good, they were saving for a home, in love, and even talking about trying for a daughter down the road. However, God needed Leon and in 2012, Leon was called home. But Melanie never really said to me she lost him, in fact, she shared after he was called home she felt his presence often and just when she needed it. She knew he was there, holding her through this transition. This isn’t to say it was easy or Melanie didn’t struggle, she most definitely did. However, as the days, weeks and months passed she felt Leon holding her hand and giving her little gifts. The first gift; another child. The day of Leon’s funeral Melanie found out she was pregnant. She told me “Leon knew”. He knew what I needed. It was like he was promising me he’d always be with me, similar to the promise God made to his people when he said he’d never send another flood. There was a rainbow; a sign. Melanie named her third son Noah, one of many signs and gifts she believed God and Leon gave her.

Another gift, a poem. A collection of words, but those words became meaningful. Life changing was how Melanie described it me. So much, that Melanie wrote the author of the poem, Linda Ellis to tell her what her poem had meant to her and her future.

A collection of words:

The Dash written by Linda Ellis has a beautiful message. She reminds us it’s not the date we born or the date we are called home that matters, it’s what we do in between. Our dash.

From a symbol a cause is born:

Melanie knew the date was not long enough on the right side of Leon’s dash, but she knew his dash was powerful. She knew she needed to honor, in a way extend his dash, by honoring his life. To ensure Leon’s kind and loving heart would continue to touch lives.

Leon had given Melanie so much hope and all in a matter of minutes, driving down, the road she thought of Operation Lotus. Melanie knew what she would call her mission before she could fully explain what was inspiring her. It was that HOPE; and she knew she wanted to restore hope to others who had experienced a loss or tragedy. In the years since Operation Lotus began, Melanie has organized school supply drives to honor a teacher who passed away. She meets with families, connecting and coming together to honor the lives of the person dear to them in a way that fully honors the life they lead. She has helped a local victim of a brutal attack live out her dream to visit Disney. She helped a young man relocate back home after loosing his partner. The list goes on and on. Every day that Melanie pours into others and helps give them hope, she extends Leon dash, she lives a fuller dash of her own and inspires us to live our own to it’s fullest.

To read Linda Ellis’s The Dash, please visit her website:
Learn more about Operation Lotus at :


Rain Rain Go Away, Just kidding! Need the rain for my puddle shots!

There are so many reasons I’m excited to share this post…

One, it is fitting to our current state of weather affairs. Thankfully, Tropical Storm Erika is no more. It immediately made me think about this picture and how I incorporated the STOP sign.

Two, one of my favorite photography websites, Rock the Shot, monthly challenge theme is Water. So, here it is of my favorite water shots! LeahStop

This shot was very impromptu. Originally, I had a photo shoot scheduled for the family. We had scheduled and rescheduled about three time and finally braved the grey skies one afternoon ONLY to be once again rained out. I am close to the family, so I offered to take their daughter for a few hours so they could go on a date and make the most of their fancy outfits and mom’s nice make up. While Leah and I were about to leave the parking lot we were told we would have to wait for ten minutes while a wedding party moved through the road. I spotted the huge puddle and the stop sign and the vision for this shot came to be. Also, a side note: our sweet Leah is a busy busy girl..always on the go and finding a way to climb, jump, and get into most things. Her mom and I always joke everyone knows her name where she is because she’s always saying “Stop, Leah” . We had ten minutes to spare so we grabbed her rain boots and her umbrella and we got to creative business! So I have titled this picture “{Never}Stop Leah” . Dedicated to my sweet friend Leah, who really, we never want to STOP being the wonderful free spirit she is!

I took this shot with my Canon 5D, 85 1.2 @ 2.5/ ISO 600

Post Processing: I flipped the picture once horizontally and once vertically to read the word STOP correctly. I also used a blue brush to highlight the sky in the puddle and used the clarity and detail brush around the puddle where she’s standing 🙂 I used Lightroom,  Photoshop,  Jackie Jean Lightroom Presets and Luxe Brushes in Lightroom.

Shared with my friends of GGP and friends of!