Newsome High School | Savannah Class of 2015 | Gianna Grace Photography | Ybor City Session

Just thinking back about my time with Savannah makes me smile from ear to ear. We had this great chemistry from the moment we spoke on the phone and the day of the shoot we were like peas and carrots! I would say “What do you think about …” and she’d just smile and I knew this was a match made in Senior Picture heaven!

We started off in downtown Tampa, we were running a few minutes behind 😉 so we had to make our time count!

2015-04-18_0001 2015-04-18_0002 2015-04-18_0003 2015-04-18_0004

So after we spent “Just a few minutes” in downtown, we booked it to Ybor and started chasing the sun! Between my inner hippie and Savannah’s inner hippie we were free spiriting through Ybor! Found this new lovely alley ( I swear these alleys hide until the perfect client comes along!) And seriously.. she’s just such a natural. With a touch of wind that afternoon, we were model ready.

2015-04-18_0005 2015-04-18_0006 2015-04-18_0007 2015-04-18_0008 2015-04-18_0009 2015-04-18_0010 2015-04-18_0011

Love the umbrella? Me too..can’t help myself! Thanks Molly ( I promise I will return this to you one day! xo)

So, from one alley to another… this has to be one of my most favorite hours ever shooting..we adopted a dog (for a few minutes), made friends with a few kids in the alley who insisted on photo bombing..sorry can’t share those pics (no signed releases..bummer) and then we made friends with a car and eventually it’s owner. Seriously? In my wildest photo shoot dreams!

2015-04-18_0012 2015-04-18_0013 2015-04-18_0014

When I was editing this last picture above, my four year old son walked up and said “Mommy, you look so pretty in that picture!” This will forever be one of the greatest compliments of my life. Thank you son for believing your mom could look like a high school grad as beautiful as an angel!

Puppy adopting time…

2015-04-18_0015 2015-04-18_0016 2015-04-18_0017

Stay with us… I keeps on going (and to think we got a late start.. ha!)

2015-04-18_0018 2015-04-18_0019

And we were DONE… UNTIL.. we saw this perfectly perfect car that was screaming at us “ONE MORE SHOT!” So we packed our bags and here you go..the last few shots of the night! Thank you Savannah for a super fab shoot! Girlie, as you would say.. “I’m totally Obsessed!”

2015-04-18_0020 2015-04-18_0021

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