Morgan B | Riverview High School Senior |Richmond | Midlothian, VA| Richmond Senior Photographer | Downtown Tampa

When I read Morgan’s questionnaire I had a moment when I thought this gal needs to be running MY business! This year Morgan will be entering the University of Tampa as a junior, that’s right a JUNIOR! And I will quote her “Holy Moly dual and AP courses!” . Morgan is really the complete package and I adore her from head to toe. Kind, smart, fashionable, driven and well-read, momma and papa B must be gushing over their amazingly talented daughter!

She described herself as cheery, passionate and whole hearted. I couldn’t have picked three better adjectives to describe her. Her freshman year she found her love in Fashion Deca, and this year, as President she rounded up 4 years in Deca, traveling the US and gaining an understand of fashion and business; two things that set Morgan’s heart on fire! Speaking of fashion.. You MUST check out her street business look with her bag Kate, totally my faves in our session! I wanted to buy BFF charms after our shoot and invite her over for movies and pizza! She’s the coolest, for reals.

Morgan has a pay-it-forward and treat others the way you want to be treated vision. She believes you make an impact one person at a time and it just dominoes from there. I couldn’t agree with her more!

Morgan dreams of traveling and blogging and sharing her goals and journey! I hope she does, at the age of 18 she inspires me to dream bigger and do more!

We had a super fabulous session. My cheeks hurt so badly when we finished up from all the smiling and laughing we did at our shoot. Also, thanks to my sweet Morgan I have one new tip on my “Preparing for your Session Card” Ready? Don’t give blood the day of your shoot 😉 LOVE HER! Thank you Morgan for blessing me with this opportunity! You are super fab in every way ❤ giannagracephotography_0051giannagracephotography_0052giannagracephotography_0053giannagracephotography_0054giannagracephotography_0055giannagracephotography_0056giannagracephotography_0057giannagracephotography_0058giannagracephotography_0059

Like, seriously? THIS. SHOT. IS. EVERYTHING! RIGHT!?!?!giannagracephotography_0060giannagracephotography_0061giannagracephotography_0062

And I always love to end with a family picture! BTW.. this mom and dad.. They’re kind of a big deal. 🙂 giannagracephotography_0063

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