Richmond VA Dance Photographer |Ballet & Rock-n-Roll |Happy National Dance Day

It was about a week ago that I realized National Dance Day was right around the corner! I was hoping to throw something together with my dance friends in Richmond, but there are only so many hours in the day and it just couldn’t happen. However, in a way I am glad it didn’t. It gave me time to go back and spend time looking through some of my most favorite times with my dance friends back home in Tampa, Florida. Last year, Leslie Kerrigan from Seniorologie posted a theme challenge of Ballet and Rock. I felt like this theme was made for me and the group of dancers I worked with over at the super fabulous Brandon Ballet Company! It was such an honor when Seniorologie featured our session too!

It was a windy January day, but the girls and I were determined to make our dream shoot come to life! It’s no easy task organizing a shoot of this size with teenage girls! Not only do they have demanding dance schedules, they try to have a social life every now and then too! However, I was blown away (not literally) by what we created together. These girls will always have my heart. They are the sweetest, kindest and most loving girls you will ever meet..and not to mention CRAZY talented!!

So enjoy some of my favorite shots from that day and most importantly.. HAPPY NATIONAL DANCE DAY!


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