Super Fab L Family | Richmond VA Family Photographer |Midlothian |Gianna Grace Photography

I can’t speak for all photographers, but I know for me I love the moment when I arrive at a session and I immediately have to engage, capture my little ones’ attention and get them on my side! I have known this family for years and their two cuties are super stars! When location scouting there are a few things to keep in mine.. how appealing will this location be to kids.. VERY appealing? Then know this, you are not their priority! Embrace it..they love the environment and want to be a part of it. Capture them in it! This is why this session was so dear to my heart. Both J and A \wanted to play in the water and watch the airplanes go by. Oh, forgot to mention, not only is this a fun beach, it’s next to an airport and RIGHT by the landing not just airplanes, but BIG airplanes landing!

This session was fast paced and full of laughter and movement! I love mom and dad for just being them and embracing the movement and getting into the action with their kiddos! Love all the love we captured and the magic we made! Fun family pictures, the only way to go. ❤



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