Beautiful Momma, Anjaly | Maternity Session | Richmond, VA | Midlothian |Gianna Grace Photography

I have a silly confession to make. I am scared to death to take maternity pictures. Can you believe I even admitted this to Anjaly when she called and asked if I took maternity pictures! I thought it was my way of getting out of the session. There was NO way she’d hire me after I told her this, but she did. She totally believed in me and almost laughed when I told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to do maternity sessions, that is wasn’t my strength.

I am going to share something I have only told a few people. My very first client (like not a friend or family member) two weeks after GGP was business book official, was a maternity session.  I was so over the moon excited. I prepped for days and days and days.  She even asked me take pictures of her baby shower. When all was said and done, I LOVED her pictures. But guess what? My first client did not like them. As a matter of fact, she asked for her money back and sent me pictures of other local maternity photographers to give me “tips” for the future and then sent a bathroom selfie and shared she takes better pictures of herself. It hurt. I cried. I refunded her money. I thought maybe I was not meant to do this, maybe I had dreamed of doing this all these years and it really wasn’t what God was calling me to do. But, you know what? I took a step back, a deep breathe and moved on! Things went very well after that first and not-so-great first session. However, after that I swore I would never take maternity pictures again. Know what? I am SO unbelievably thankful for Anjaly, she gave me a gift in choosing me, she gave me back a little piece of confidence I was lacking.

We had a great session! First not only was my momma to be carrying one little angel, she was carrying two! She looks amazing, right?! We started off at the ever beautiful University of Tampa, the rowing docks are one of my favorite spots to shoot . I love the way the Tampa skyline is tucked by the dock and the skyline reflects beautifully into the water. It never disappoints. Then we booked it to Cypress Pointe Park and shot until the sun set on this perfect session. This couple was a amazing and they made my  heart so happy. I am so thankful God brought Anjaly into my life, His reaffirmation was a blessing. ❤ I have a new special place in my heart for soon to be mommas! giannagracephotography_0042giannagracephotography_0043giannagracephotography_0044giannagracephotography_0045giannagracephotography_0046giannagracephotography_0047giannagracephotography_0048giannagracephotography_0049giannagracephotography_0050

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