Mom’s Wedding Dress Session | Child Photographer | Fine Art Session | Brandon, Florida

” I have always had this dream of having my daughter photographed in my wedding dress.” This was the beautiful vision shared with me by a dear friend. Then came the privilege of being asked to capture this vision! I was told there were images on Pinterest and this was a popular session. However, knowing this sweet little girl, I knew that I could do all the planning in the world, but our session would be most successful if we followed her lead. I am so glad we did, together Leah and I created something beautiful for her mom! This session was the creative genius of a five year old, her momma and a color palate we dreamed up before our session. I am so tickled how beautiful these pictures came out! If you have a daughter and your wedding dress I would LOVE to capture your sweet girl in your wedding dress…these may by my new absolute favorite sessions!!! 2015-07-27_0008 2015-07-27_0009 2015-07-27_0010 2015-07-27_0011 2015-07-27_0012 2015-07-27_0013 2015-07-27_0014

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