Rain Rain Go Away, Just kidding! Need the rain for my puddle shots!

There are so many reasons I’m excited to share this post…

One, it is fitting to our current state of weather affairs. Thankfully, Tropical Storm Erika is no more. It immediately made me think about this picture and how I incorporated the STOP sign.

Two, one of my favorite photography websites, Rock the Shot, monthly challenge theme is Water. So, here it is ..one of my favorite water shots! LeahStop

This shot was very impromptu. Originally, I had a photo shoot scheduled for the family. We had scheduled and rescheduled about three time and finally braved the grey skies one afternoon ONLY to be once again rained out. I am close to the family, so I offered to take their daughter for a few hours so they could go on a date and make the most of their fancy outfits and mom’s nice make up. While Leah and I were about to leave the parking lot we were told we would have to wait for ten minutes while a wedding party moved through the road. I spotted the huge puddle and the stop sign and the vision for this shot came to be. Also, a side note: our sweet Leah is a busy busy girl..always on the go and finding a way to climb, jump, and get into most things. Her mom and I always joke everyone knows her name where she is because she’s always saying “Stop, Leah” . We had ten minutes to spare so we grabbed her rain boots and her umbrella and we got to creative business! So I have titled this picture “{Never}Stop Leah” . Dedicated to my sweet friend Leah, who really, we never want to STOP being the wonderful free spirit she is!

I took this shot with my Canon 5D, 85 1.2 @ 2.5/ ISO 600

Post Processing: I flipped the picture once horizontally and once vertically to read the word STOP correctly. I also used a blue brush to highlight the sky in the puddle and used the clarity and detail brush around the puddle where she’s standing 🙂 I used Lightroom,  Photoshop,  Jackie Jean Lightroom Presets and Luxe Brushes in Lightroom.

Shared with my friends of GGP and friends of www.rocktheshotforum.com!


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