Midlothian VA, Family Portraits | Family Photographer | Gianna Grace Photography | Winthrop Village

I may be a little homesick after spending a week in Florida and seeing some of my favorite families!

One of the greatest honors is when a family comes back to you year after year. This sweet family was referred to me last year and I have LOVED working with these two rock stars ever since. They are always SO much fun and come to every session with so many fun ideas on what to do on our shoot!

When I asked mom her favorite part of our session she shared, “I love how outgoing my kids were and how they wanted to show off their poses.”

It was a gorgeous sunny Florida day when we met up in Winthrop Village. The first thing I noticed were this sweet girl’s shoes.. Please check them out. I’m seriously obsessed! Mom told me that their outfits were built around the shoes too!

Mom said “The outfits were coordinated around my daughter’s boots. I found her dress on clearance at Gap and we had the vest already. I had my son’s shirt and didn’t love it alone so we went out the night before and bought a couple sweaters and the vest at Target and I let Kat make the final choice. I ordered the converse online and was afraid they were too bright but they looked great in the pictures.”

And I agree, those converse were the best!

I was pretty bummed that our session went by so quickly. I have to admit I was so happy when mom surprised me with a Christmas card in the mail. I asked mom what her favorite picture was, this is always my favorite question to ask!

“I love the one where they are hugging and E has her leg kicked out. She doesn’t really let her brother hug her anymore so it was nice to get a picture. The picture shows B’s sweet personality and E’s sassiness.”

Thank you so much for blessing me with this opportunity again! I absolutely adore these kids, they are so much fun!!!Midlothian-VA-Family-Photographer-Midlothian-Mines-Gianna-Grace-Photography_0001Midlothian-VA-Family-Photographer-Midlothian-Mines-Gianna-Grace-Photography_0002Midlothian-VA-Family-Photographer-Midlothian-Mines-Gianna-Grace-Photography_0003Midlothian-VA-Family-Photographer-Midlothian-Mines-Gianna-Grace-Photography_0004Midlothian-VA-Family-Photographer-Midlothian-Mines-Gianna-Grace-Photography_0005brother and sister at winthrop villagebrother and sister photoshoot

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