Florida Fall Minis | Richmond Family Photographer | The Beautiful B Family |Curtis Hixson Park | Midlothian Fl

Energetic. Brilliant. Fun-loving. ❤

The B family is the complete package, they are smart, funny, fun, loving and all around down to earth. Anytime we get together to take pictures I always feel in my element, at home and a little bit like part of the family! This family always warms my heart. Their son greeted me with the biggest hug ever and even a few high fives! It was a great way to start our session and even ended with lots of hugs. Thank you so much B family for being a part of the GGP family, you know you guys rock! So much love for you! giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0162giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0163giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0164giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0165giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0166giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0168

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