Midlothian VA Senior Photographer | James River High School Senior Pictures | How to Make a Snow Shoot Work for You!

Every now and then, in Midlothian Virginia, we take pictures in a winter wonderland! This lovely James River High Senior took advantage of getting her senior pictures done when this gorgeous snow came down in early December.

I have to admit, last year when it snowed I totally dropped the ball. I was so excited (being new from Florida) to get my camera when this special white stuff started falling from the sky! Buuuuut, when it actually happened two things happen for me.


ONE: I realized I had no idea what to wear in the snow and quickly realized that I did not own anything proper to wear in the snow! and TWO: I did not have a plan, I had not lined up any neighborhood friends or families to work with me once the snow came down. And when I was ready.. clothes ready..YES, client ready.. YES! But then guess what? We only got ONE snow!

Sooooo this year I was prepared! As soon as I met Rhema, and we started talking about her senior session I very excitedly mentioned that we should shoot in the snow! With our plan in place, all it took was a quick text “The snow is coming down! You ready??” And sure enough..she was!

It was amazing to me that in my own yard I was able to find these little special spots that looked like they were straight out of a fairytale! Rhema photographed so beautifully and she really was so much fun to work with! She was an absolute natural in front of the camera.


Shooting in the snow will be different for everyone. Here in Richmond, VA we do not get snow often and when we do the roads are not safe when it is actively snowing. Unfortunately, that is when all the pretty shots could happen. So here is how I planned to have the opportunity to have a snow session! So for those of you who are thinking of having a fun snow session but your town is like ours and you will have to stay close keep these things in mind!

  • Find a neighbor who needs a photography session but is flexible on the time!
  • Scout areas in our neighborhood that will be easy to walk to in the snow together.
  • Make sure you have an extra set of hands to hold jackets, your camera bag, etc
  • I found using an umbrella over me while I am shooting was very beneficial. (Again you will need the extra hands!)
  • Have your client’s wardrobe planned out ahead of time! For this session we wanted a warm vibe, so we went with greens and maroons. Definitely look for colors that will POP in the snow.. typically bright colors.. red is always bold but doesn’t always look great on all skin types, orange, blue and yellow are also great colors ❤

Having your plan in place will make it easy when you are ready for this adventure!





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