What to Wear Series | Richmond VA Photographer | Fall Family Session | Location Style Guide | Curtis Hixson Park, Tampa FL

Are you thinking about having your next family picture session at Curtis Hixson Park? This blog will focus on some key places to capture your family around the CHP area. There are so many different backdrops in this one area that you may want to have your particular stops in mind before deciding which outfits your family will rock for this session! Planning for a family session can be a lot of work, especially when trying to make sure your outfits will be in harmony with your location choice! No worries, I am here to help! This blog post will focus on Curtis Hixson park and the outlying areas!

This blog post will focus on how to choose the right outfits to compliment your session at Curtis Hixson Park in Tampa, FL .

When I am in Florida and planning a photography session, I almost always offer Curtis Hixson Park as a location option. I like how versatile this location can be from its water park view, to city skyline backdrop of the rich textures of the museum’s building. You will find gates, reflections windows, and stain glass murals. You can go from a basic white wall to a rainbow of colors in a matter of 54 feet (no joke, I actually counted last time I shot there 😉 )

If you are shooting at Curtis Hixson and have scheduled a full session you have time for an outfit change, but if you have scheduled a mini session you may want to let me know which areas you want to focus on during our time together! Okay..so let’s break down your options!

The “Museums” Backdrop

I highly recommend the following pallets for this area of focus:

  • Blue, Orange, White, Denim
  • Navy Blue, Teal, White, Denim
  • Pink Pops with Blue Tones
  • Earth Tones, Whites, Tans, Burgundy
  • Burgundy, Navy, Khaki, White

I created this Pinterest board for some clothing inspiration!

Don’t forget to reference my What to Wear: 10 Tips for Planning your Family Photo Session! 

Also, if you haven’t been to Curtis Hixson it might be helpful to get an idea of the location grounds, here are some sample pictures from past Curtis Hixson’s sessions!

Glazier Museum Front:


The General Park Area:

I actually LOVE how they chose a green palette in a primarily green area. I was super worried it would all be too much, but I think it’s PERFECT! 

The General Park Area: Downtown View

Check out the layers and that scarf! Such a fun focus piece! 


Still need more inspiration or looking for other locations? Check out my other location inspiration for Tampa!

Hollis Gardens, Location Inspiration by Gianna Grace Photography

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