What to Wear Series | Richmond VA Family Photographer | Location Style Guide | Hollis Gardens |Lakeland FL

Planning for a family session can be a lot of work! Especially when trying to make sure your outfits will be in harmony with your location choice! No worries, I am here to help!

This blog post will focus on how to choose the right outfits to compliment your session at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland, FL .

I have always loved to shoot at the gorgeous Hollis Gardens for several reasons, the gorgeous light seeping through the trees in the gardens, the bright pops of colors from the flowers throughout the property. The vivid green grass, the stone and iron gates all create so many lush looks in one location. A another perk is the gorgeous lake that serves as a back drop outside the garden area.

If you are shooting at the gardens I highly recommend the following pallets:

  • Navy-Yellow-White-Denim/Khaki
  • Yellow-Grey-Teal
  • Navy-Grey-White-Coral
  • Green-Teal-Navy- Accent Color (Yellow/Pink/Coral)
  • Pink Shades-Green-Navy

I created this Pinterest board for some clothing inspiration!

Don’t forget to reference my What to Wear: 10 Tips for Planning your Family Photo Session! 

Also, if you haven’t been to Hollis Gardens it might be helpful to get an idea of the location grounds, here are some sample pictures from past Hollis Garden’s sessions!

I love the colors in this session, Pink tones, denim and Melanie’s statement piece! That necklace rocks and POPS in their family session! I love the mix of plaids in the boys’ pants and shirt.
One of my favorite things about this session is how the whole family chose their colors based off of this sweet girl’s dress! This is a great way to start choosing your palette! Pick a piece you just can’t live without and go from there. The blues and maroons just POP against the greens, marble and gates on the property!

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