Richmond Family Photographer | Really Rad R Family | Home Sessions |Florida Fall Mini Sessions | Midlothian VA | Lithia FL

When I was trying to think of R adjectives for the wonderful R family, all I kept thinking was really really really because I just really really really adore them. I think they’re really fabulous, really awesome and most importantly, really good examples of Christian love! I was super excited to capture this family again this year because I love their interactions. I enjoy their big hugs, smiles, and embraces. I also love when you have a little special thing you do for one of your little clients. Sweet little A believes little butterflies live inside my camera and I always enjoy making something special just for her, I loved that this year she requested butterflies AND flowers. Thank you sweet A for giving me an excuse to get a little creative! Every once in a while you come across a family that you feel God’s love when you are around them, the R family is that family! Thank you Lauren and Anthony for blessing me with the privilege of capturing your family this year, I really really really enjoyed every moment! ❤  giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0196giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0199giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0200giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0201giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0202giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0203giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0204giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0205giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0197giannagracerichmondfamilyphotographer_0198

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