If God wants something to SUCCEED you can’t mess it up.

Okay, so picture this. I’ve waited two months to really hit the ground running to start building up GGP in Richmond! I had to take a small time out to get the kiddos feeling at home in their new town. God had placed on my heart that I really needed to focus on them and my business could take a short break. I had a little anxiety about not spending more time this summer marketing, but I kept feeling God’s reassuring peace in my heart that it would all come together. But, truth be told and peace aside, it is our nature to worry even we trust God with our whole hearts. I had moments of doubts, moments that I questioned if God was really calling me to rebuild my business in Richmond. It seemed like a steep mountain to climb. Where do I even start God? What if I fail? I hardly know anyone, how do I find my ideal client? Every time I threw up these what if’s I knew he was telling me to just be faithful. I’d like to share a story of how God rewards our faith and how he calms our worry when we trust him. rest-and-be-faithful-ja-1024x683

photocredit: @Jennieallen.com

So, here I am. DAY ONE: First day of school for the kids, first day back to “official office hours” for me. Kiddos are dropped off at the bus, pictures have been posted on Facebook. I have penciled in GGP office hours with a super long list of things to do from 10-3. But, while posting on pictures on Facebook I read two of my dear friends’ grandmother had been called home to Jesus. I knew I needed to take 5 minutes to pull a few sympathy cards from my card box and let them know I was thinking about them. However, strangely, all my sympathy cards were missing from my box. This was especially bizarre to me as I had just replenished Sympathy cards before I moved to Virginia. So, I had to pick up a few cards and I had remembered seeing a Hallmark down the road from me. I usually like to purchase cards in bulk and discount, so Hallmark isn’t usually my go too but I was pressed for time so I gave in to my resistance to Hallmark. PLEASE stick with me because I promise there is a reason I am sharing a lot of details here..

I pull up to Hallmark, there is a UPS truck taking up all the parking in front of the store, so I parked down the way at a cute little gift store called the Lazy Daisy. I ran into Hallmark, grabbed my cards and then as I was walking past the Lazy Daisy I noticed a spice rack sitting outside on their front porch display. I had been looking for a spice rack for months for my Doterra oils and this looked like a perfect fit. I looked at my watch..eeek, I was creeping up on my 10 start time. Sat there for my “Should I, Shouldn’t I” internal debate. I decided on I should! I walked in quickly and was greeted by a super sweet and warm hello. I explained to the nice greeter, Kelly, that I was looking for a spice rack like the one I had in hand and asked if she had anymore in the store. I then went on to explain what I was looking to use the spice rack for. Which then turned into me sharing how I even was turned on to Doterra. This opened the door to telling Kelly I as a photographer. SO THEN, sweet Kelly says to me “Do you shoot Seniors” and in typical Kat fashion I believe I gasped and said “YES!”  Seriously friends, could this whole meeting be any more devine!  Then, I gave her the Reader’s Digest of my business and somehow started rambling about Beauty Revived and you know what.. Kelly asked for my card. Kelly emailed me days later, Kelly’s daughter is a beautiful sister in Christ who is passionate about her faith and Kelly and I both agreed, our meeting was divine.

Here I was thinking I was messing up my day, my first day back to work, and God was actually putting me right where he needed me. God was pairing me up the clients I pray for. I have always said I don’t feel like this industry is competitive (even thought it is!) because I trust God will always put the clients in my life he feels I can best serve, and in turn the clients I can best serve. I do my best not to ever let fear or worry consume me when it comes to my business, because I have to remember I do this to glorify Him.This experience almost took my breath away as I ran home to tell my husband all the little details that led up to meeting Kelly and giving her my business card. I was led to Kelly. The missing sympathy cards, the UPS truck, the spice rack put right outside in front of my car, the discussion about Doterra. All of these things perfectly laid out, is how God works beautifully in our lives every day when we trust that his plans are perfect for us. So even though I wasn’t on MY time schedule that day, I was on God’s and with his timing I can never mess up! I love when God shows me ,like IN YOUR FACE shows me, to trust him and to stop all my silly worries.

By the way, I am meeting with Kelly and her daughter, Gabrielle to talk about her senior session this weekend! Goosebumps, right? ❤

God is good. All the time.

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