Count it all Joy.

All year I’ve said to myself “make time blog!” It was this little fly in the room I could hear buzzing all the time.. Blog.. Blog.. Blog. But it got to the point that I would find other things to do (EVEN fold laundry- I know, right?) over sitting down and blogging.

Then I realized I was about 30 session behind and I just felt too over whelmed to even start.

I had countless pep-talks with my mentor, Galicia. Always reassuring her that blogging was on my list of things to do. It was, it took up a permanent residence there. I thought for sure if I told someone else I was going to do it, I would. As many of you know, I am a people pleaser and letting people down is always a worry of mine. So I thought for sure saying I would do it to Galicia would push me to the “Submit” button.

Now, here I am almost a year later from last blog post. Trying to decide which session, which super fab client of mine to high light. And I’ve come to this conclusion.

This. Just this will be my first blog post. Not a session, not a client, not a “What to Wear” just this. An honest confession that I have battled the blog for 11 months and today I am committing to starting over. Finding JOY in this blog journey and looking forward to sharing my calling as God’s instrument. Using my lens to reflect the love of others and the joy in their lives! So, I’m counting it all JOY, even blogging.

Count it ALL Joy

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