Newsome High School Senior | Lili Class of 2015 | Bloomingdale, Florida, Gianna Grace Photography

I remember the day Lili contacted me for her senior session ❤ We both had a blast putting our minds together and gathering our creative juices as we tried to put together Lili’s ideal shoot! After spending several phone conversations (and a few texts 😉 ) trying to narrow down location for Lili’s shoot, we finally ended up shooting on her family’s property! I am so glad we did, it was GORGEOUS! I was so excited to meet up with Lili because of her adventurous spirit! If I mentioned shooting in the water, she was all about it. If I said let’s climb right up here, she was there! We did a lot of pre-planning and she even inspired me to make my first flower-crown! Thanks Lili 🙂 As you’ll see, her family’s house did not have a shortage of gorgeous set ups and Lili’s beautiful smile and readiness to try new things made this session a success! Thank you Lili for choosing me to be your senior photographer! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! I know with your big heart and outgoing spirit you will go far!

2015-06-07_0001 2015-06-07_0002 2015-06-07_0003 2015-06-07_0004 2015-06-07_0005 2015-06-07_0006 2015-06-07_0007 2015-06-07_0008

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