Academy of Holy Names Senior | Carly Class of 2015 | Gianna Grace Photography | Ybor City Session

I wanted to squeeze Carly the moment I met her. Really, she was adorable and lovable and just screamed sweet!  I was so excited to hear that Carly would be a future Gator! I always look forward to sharing my favorite Gainesville days with soon to be Gators!

Carly was easy to start working with, she’s graceful and her eyes would twinkle the moment the camera turned her way! She was a natural and every time we finished a pose I would giggle and share with her just how fabulous she was.

Days before our shoot I was driving through Ybor and found this wall. I kept driving by it again and again and something told me this would be a GREAT wall and when Carly showed up in the perfect colors, I just smiled and said “Come check this’ll never believe how perfect your shirt choice is!”.

2015-04-20_0004 2015-04-20_0001 2015-04-20_0003

Isn’t her shirt perfect?!?! Isn’t she simply lovely??


We took a stroll and I told Carly about this adorable white house and white fence that was super cute and she agreed..once again a total match for Carly!

2015-04-20_0007 2015-04-20_0006

Then Carly was ready to rock out and get her dress on! We moved on and it was alley time!

Seriously, when the wind picked up Carly was ready to dance around..she had the cutest poses.. just can’t get enough of this series!

2015-04-20_0008 2015-04-20_0014O

One alley more to go!


Thank you Carly for blessing me with this opportunity! I loved every moment of our time..chasing the sun..quickly running before the sun went down. You are simply delightful! Go Gators!!


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